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Our Mission

There are hundreds of registered Slovenians in Ottawa, but compared to the vibrant and active communities in Toronto or Winnipeg, there are very few opportunities for Canadian Slovenians to share culture and roots in the Ottawa area. This group consists of Canadian-Slovenians aged 5-80+ who are interested in learning about Slovenian music and dance. Almost all of the participants have never been involved in a Slovenian dance group so this is a way to teach them about dance and music from different regions of Slovenia. Though this is a multigenerational dance group open to Slovenians of any age we have a strong focus on the youth, with majority of participants between the ages of 6 and 28.

We are not only a dance group but a community of Slovenian people who are eager and excited to learn about and share our Slovenian culture. This group brings together youth and the older generations to collaborate, share knowledge, and bond through our love of folk dancing.

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